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Join Mel's Bad Girls Club online by signing up here to receive our weekly newsletter. You can be a part of the club by sponsoring MBGC, volunteering with us, or attending and supporting events by bringing friends and associates. We understand that everyone these days is crazy busy- so even if you only attend one event for the year... THATS OKAY! You do not have to make a huge commitment unless you decide that you want to! That's your decision.

Anyone is able to be a part of the club whether boy/girl and may be of any age. However, there are certain age appropriate events. WE do not stop volunteering! Check out the Board Members in the 'Who we are' Section.


Our board reviews worthy charities and we choose whom and how to support them. Thse can change annually. We most often support all local charities.

We try to have 4-5 of our own events for the year, support & sponsor many other different charity events and have committee meetings for specific events and MBGC Meetings a few times a year. We are always active.

We are an IRS 501c-3 registered charity. Our EIN Number is 71-1051471.